Can “God” be reformed?

Musings on a Faithful and Responsible Practical Theology


The article examines recent publications in the field of practical theology, to see how the “God” reference is invoked. It addresses a tendency to downplay this reference in favor of a scientific analysis of “lived religion”. While acknowledging the harmful aspects of many traditional views of God, the disqualification of the “God” reference in a highly secularized world, and the need for new perspectives on the spiritual dimension of life, the article argues in favor of a God-cen-tered theological endeavor anchored in a clearly identified religious or spiritual tradition. Faith is understood here as a dialectical process of listening and responding to the divine as perceived in human experience. Practical theology is presented as a reflexive task within and about this pro-cess. By its very nature, the “God” reference calls for reform, not only of our representations of the divine, but of our lives and of our world.