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Vol 1 (2019): Reforming practical theology. The politics of body and space; edited by Auli Vähäkangas, Sivert Angel, Kirstine Helboe Johansen
Cover image: Lars Danbolt  The cover picture is taken outside Oslo Cathedral in a ritual event that commemorated the victims of the Norwegian terrorist attacks on July 22, 2011. Eight people died in a bombing in Oslo and 69 young people died on nearby Utøya island. These events left their mark on the IAPT conference, too.

Proceedings of the IAPT Oslo conference 2017

The 2017 IAPT took place in Oslo, which during that year celebrated the 500 years anniversary of the Lutheran reformation. With this Nordic story as a context, and with participants from all over the world, the conference asked how practical theology should be done now, in light of the reforming processes, both spiritual, social and cultural that face us globally and locally. Both in catholic and protestant theological traditions, the relationship between theology and politics has been a central question. Issues like social justice, climate change and citizenships are at the centre of national and international politics. These issues correspondingly confront practical theology with the question of how politics reforms theology and how theology reforms politics. In this book, challenges from the intersections of politics and theology were explicitly tied to questions of body and space. By varied theoretical perspectives and by the range of empirical material presented, the papers included in this volume express the diversity of ways today’s practical theology responds to these challenges.


Published: 2019-03-12
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The International Academy of Practical Theology promotes the study and critical reflection on practical theological thought and action. The Academy is convinced that this critical reflection should be pursued with attention to the various historical and cultural contexts in which practical theology is done. Out of respect for the diversity of these contexts, the Academy seeks to promote international, interracial, and ecumenical dialogue and understanding.

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