Denying the Binary

A Non-Boolean Approach to Queer Bodies in Theology


Our theological discourse is hampered by the shadow of philosophical and scientific atomism that brings to the table unquestioned, as an a priori truth, the fact that the world and people are divisible into parts. However, our current scientific ontology suggests that our division of the world and the people within it in to distinct Boolean categories rests not in truth about the fun-damental nature of the world, but in our limited epistemology. I will argue that the introduction of a Non-Boolean account of personhood in to our theological discussion allows us to acknowl-edge the full spectrum of sex and gender apparent in humanity, but in doing so raises deep ethical and theological issues regarding the treatment of LGBT people by the Church. In particu-lar I will argue that the Non-Boolean nature of trans and intersex bodies can raise important questions for our theological treatment of homosexuality.