Shifting, reforming, transforming spaces for a postcolonial, interreligious pedagogy


The complex history of immigration to the land we now call Canada has made Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world. The ongoing migration to Toronto has precipitated a vast reforming of spaces at the educational institution where we serve. From a monoreligious Christian theological College it is becoming a centre for multireligious and interreligious educa-tion, community and practices. We are continually challenged by pedagogical and methodologi-cal questions that both confound and excite us: colonized spaces of well-honed theological methodologies and practices are called into question; hybrid, hyphenated religious identities dis-rupt and reform the spaces we inhabit and the expectations we carry. In this paper we examine the shifting realities that contribute to an emerging pedagogy as we are being reformed into a multi/interreligious educational community.